About Us

Mrs. Suneetha R Yaganegi, an aspiring young lady with social responsibilities started i- nine Counselling Centre to empower and transform society by inculcating spiritual aspects into every individual and community. She has more than 8 years of experience in the field of Service to Humanity, meeting different people and having given training in moral, behavioral and educational aspects.

Academically she is a Double Post Graduate with M.Sc., M.Tech., also she has done her Diploma in Psychology and Counselling Psychology. Though an engineer by profession and having worked for several multi-national companies, her passion drives her to serve Society. Social development and consciousness are the keys to eradicate many issues happening around the Globe today for instance suicidal thoughts, self esteem, work pressure,etc causes stress and a person can go in depression eventually.

She is a well trained and disciplined NCC cadet and has achieved many certificates in National and International level as a student and also having achieved   " Employee of the Year " in her professional life within short span shows her dedication and focus in her profession.


We envision i-nine to become a movement for counselling in India. We hope through our message and our services, we can help people realize that counselling is one of the paths to self awareness, growth and greater fulfillment in any area of our lives.