Parental Guidance

Parents are the key to helping children – whether the issues are developmental, emotional, behavioural, or educational, it is through working closely with parents that progress is achieved and maintained. It is my belief that each parent is an “expert” when it comes to her or his own child. By providing parents with the tools and confidence they need, the whole family is strengthened and the child is helped.


Parent Guidance

Parenting isn’t always an easy job. We all experience moments of uncertainty about how to balance the needs of our various family members, teach our kids the skills they need, provide consistent discipline, and manage our children’s moods (or our own, for that matter).

Individual consultation and coaching are available to parents.


Parent Education

Parenting is a long-term proposition and we must grow as parents alongside our children. Parenting courses are offered regularly for parents who want to learn better ways to communicate, boost children’s self-esteem, and develop positive and effective discipline skills.

Seminars and workshops on specific parenting topics are also offered from time to time.


Parenting Principles: Skills and Strategies

A relaxed, informative and interactive way to boost your “parenting IQ” by: improving communication, developing positive and effective discipline, and nurturing children’s self-confidence. This six-week course is most suitable for parents of children aged 2 to 12, and focuses on key skills every parent needs: loving, listening, speaking, coaching, enforcing the limits and building confidence.