Post-Marriage Counselling

What does Post-Marriage Counselling involve?

  • The counsellor helps the couple become aware of unique patterns of interaction in their relationship. Together, goals are set for replacing unhelpful patterns and increasing helpful patterns.
  • The couple becomes aware of the influence of family life-stage on their relationship.
  • The counsellor also helps the couple communicate effectively with one another, develop skills and strengthen their relationship.
  • The counsellor is neutral and gives equal time and attention to both partner’s needs.


Benefits of Post-Marriage Counselling

  • Marriage counselling leads to positive outcomes.
  • Research findings indicate that marriage counselling leads to positive outcomes and  is more  effective than no counselling.
  • Marriage Counselling is helpful to prepare for or adjust to new life stages such as new couple, family with young children, family with adolescent children, launching children and moving on and family in later life.  Each of these life stages put different demands on the couple.
  • Common areas that couples commonly seek counselling for include companionship-intimacy, economic issues, work and recreation, parenting, house-hold chores, relationships with extended family, religion, friends, substance abuse and communication.

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